Rob Komar's Crappola

As a geek, I'd been feeling as if I were not one with the body because, although I'd been riding the information super-highway since the mid 80's, I hadn't done my part in heaping garbage along the side of the road. I felt uncomfortable that others might look on me as some kind of squeamish do-gooder, rather than someone who was just too lazy to roll down the window and toss the trash outside. Well no more. My junk is now in the public ditch alongside the rest of geekdom's. Granted, it's currently at about the level of an apple core, but with a little image here and a little CGI there, I'll have it built up to the level of an abandoned fridge before I'm finished. If, praise Landru, I ever figure out how to add pop-ups, that fridge'll have a door that doesn't open from the inside. Anyway, here's my apple core.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Download my Ph.D. thesis called "Measurement of the 3He(n,gamma) Cross Section for En = 0.14 - 2.0 MeV" (weighing in at 1.45 MB in PDF format) here, attempt to read it, and be comatose in no time. WARNING, the reader should already be prone before attempting to read this!

Has reading my Ph.D. thesis not helped you sleep? Has it, in fact, had the opposite effect, keeping you up all night, reading page after page in rapt attention until feeling let down at the end that it was all over and wondering if there was more? Then you'll be pleased to know that you can now download the prequel Masters thesis called "Characterization of the Hamamatsu R1449 Photomultiplier Tube" in two!! versions: a scan of the original printed version featuring the quaint layout of the QText editor, the intimacy of hand-drawn figures, and the stark beauty of daisywheel printing (at a piggish 3.86 MB) here, or the transcribed version in glorious LaTeX (at a svelte 2.14 MB) here.

Projects for PocketBook EReaders

Here are some projects I've been working on for the PocketBook EReader devices. pbimageviewer is for viewing images either within a directory or archived into a ZIP (cbz), RAR (cbr), or TAR file. pbdownload is a simple tool for downloading files from the web to given locations on the device. It's handy for installing some of these other projects without needing to sideload the files via a desktop. sh_ivtool is a tool for displaying output and getting user input from within shell scripts. edit-epub is a crude tool for editting EPUB files right on the EReader without needing shell access. zip and unzip are the full Info-ZIP versions for PocketBook devices.